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6-12 Yr Old Krav Maga Moosehead Lake

  • 45 min
  • Depot Street

Service Description

Our Youth Program curriculum is diverse. In addition to teaching children to defend themselves in a way that is fun, age-appropriate, and dynamic, children are taught that a physical response is never our first response. Children are taught to verbalize or practice a “use your voice” technique. The ultimate goal: teach children how to avoid becoming a victim! Our curriculum offers so much more. We also emphasize the importance of “belt principles” such as focus, self-discipline, perseverance, self-control, respect, and confidence - all of which will serve them well in all aspects of life. In the first few months, your child will learn techniques, such as proper punching, elbows, hammer fists, front, side and rear kicks and some jumping kicks as well, break falls, how to control someone on the ground and get back to their feet, verbalization and de-escalation skills. Every month we set a theme to work toward “being the best that we can be”, both on the training floor and off. Some of our monthly goals include: Perseverance: To never give up on task whether homework, a test and trying to learn something new on Martial Arts class Self Discipline: To complete a task on your own without being reminded. Think of something you have to remind your child to do every night before bed, maybe brush their teeth, we will make it a goal for your child to have better self-discipline and for them to do what they are supposed to without having to be reminded by their parents. Positive attitude: When asked to do a chore or clean up their room, even if they don’t want to, they need to have a positive attitude about it and accomplish what they are told. If these tasks are not completed, they may not earn their monthly stripe on their belt for reaching their monthly goals. I am dedicated to each student’s success. We talk with our students and their parents together to identify fears, develop training goals, and establish rapport for working together to achieve those goals. Thus, each student receives tailored attention. Our training is realistic, contact training and an amazing tool for building confidence in our children.

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  • +12072007911

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