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Wondering how to get started training with the BEST in the business online?

Look no further! Start with our exclusive online starter course!

This course consists of 4 videos that will teach you:
• Proper Krav Maga Stance
• Palm Strikes
• How to make a proper fist and punch
• How to throw hooks and uppercuts

Upon completion of this course, you will be ready to join our LIVE Interactive classes with internationally recognized, Owner/Chief Instructor Jamie Arute.

Classes are held LIVE online on our private, MEMBER ONLY, video platform  – 3 times per week:

– Monday @ 6:30pm est
– Wednesday @ 6:30pm est
– Saturday @ 9:30am est

Can’t make a class? No problem. As a member you will have 24/7 on demand access to live class replays and much more! Make time for you!

Krav Maga Starter Course

Krav Maga Starter Course
Krav Maga Starter Class
Play Video
Krav Maga Defensive Stance
Play Video
Your First Combative Palm Strikes
Play Video
How to make a fist and punch properly
Play Video
This channel is coming soon!


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